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  • 1st Baptist of Woodland Hills (christian - baptist)
    Fallbrook Avenue
  • 36th Church of Christ Scientist (christian)
    Valleyheart Drive
  • 43rd Christian Science Church (christian - christ_scientist)
  • 7722 Reseda Boulevard Apartment 102 Javahoe Worship Room (javahoe)
    Keswick Street
  • Advent Christian Church (christian)
  • Advent Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Alvarado Street
  • Airport Church of Christ (christian)
    West 79th Street, 5925
  • All Nations Church (christian - reformed)
    Foothill Boulevard, 10000 Lake View Terrace
  • All Peoples Community Center (christian)
    East 20th Street, 822
  • All SAints Church (christian)
    Glenoaks Boulevard
  • All Saints Episcopal Church (christian)
    Monte Vista Street
  • All Saints Roman Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
    Portola Avenue, 3431
  • Alvarado Church of Christ (christian)
    Reservoir Street Access Road
  • American Hungarian Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    South Grand Avenue
  • Amorc Rosicrucian Order
    Council Street
  • Anavath Israel Synagogue (jewish)
    Santa Monica Boulevard, 5401
  • Ancient Church of the East (christian)
    Hubbard Street
  • Angelica Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    West 14th Street
  • Angelus Temple
    Park Avenue
  • Anshe Emet Synagogue (jewish)
    Robertson Boulevard
  • Antioch Christian Church (christian)
    West 61st Street
  • Antioch Temple Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    South Union Avenue
  • Aposento Alto Foursquare Church (christian)
  • Apostolic Holy Cross Church (christian)
    East 20th Street
  • Apostolic Pentecostal Church (christian - pentecostal)
  • Arleta Assembly of God
    West Garber Street
  • Arleta Community Bible Church (christian)
    Wingo Street
  • Arleta Foursquare Church (christian)
    Arminta Street
  • Arlington Avenue Christian Church (christian)
    West Pico Boulevard
  • Armenian Apostolic Church (christian)
    Foothill Boulevard
  • Armenian Apostolic Church In Glendale (christian)
    Foothill Boulevard
  • Armenian Catholic Church Our Lady Queen of Martyrs (christian - catholic)
    Pleasant Avenue
  • Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church (christian)
    London Street
  • Armenian Evangelical Church of Hollywood (christian - christian,_armenian_evangelical)
    Franklin Avenue, 4950 90027 Los Angeles
  • Asbury United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Workman Street
  • Ascension Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    West Boulevard
  • Assumption Roman Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
    Winter Street
  • Atherton Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West 49th Place
  • Avenue 54 Gospel Hall (christian)
    Buchanan Street
  • B'nai David Synagogue (jewish)
    West Pico Boulevard
  • Baba Sale Congregation
    Oakwood Avenue
  • Baldwin Hills Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
  • Baptist Indian Bible Center (christian - baptist)
    South Figueroa Street
  • Barrington Avenue Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Missouri Avenue
  • Berean Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    North Westmoreland Avenue
  • Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church (christian)
    West Adams Boulevard, 4211
  • Beth Eluzer Kahal Jtzchok Synagogue (jewish)
    North Fairfax Avenue
  • Beth Hamidrash Adath Haredim Synagogue (jewish)
    North Alta Vista Boulevard
  • Bethany Apostolic Church (christian)
    West 85th Street
  • Bethany Apostolic Faith Church (christian)
    East 23rd Street
  • Bethany Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West 15th Street
  • Bethany Foursquare Church (christian)
    Califa Street
  • Bethany Foursquare Church (christian)
    West 10th Street
  • Bethany Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    North Alexandria Avenue Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Bethany Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    Lucille Avenue
  • Bethel Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Denker Avenue
  • Bethel Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    East 104th Street
  • Bethel Christian Reformed Church (christian)
  • Bethel Church of Christ Holiness (christian)
    Hooper Avenue
  • Bethel Iglesia Bautista del Sur (christian - baptist)
    Spence Street
  • Bethel Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Burbank Boulevard
  • Bethel Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    West Olympic Boulevard
  • Bethel Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    West 80th Street
  • Bethel Temple
    East Kensington Road
  • Beulah Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    East Century Boulevard
  • Bible Baptist Church (christian)
    Fenton Avenue
  • Bible House of Los Angeles
    San Marino Street
  • Blessed Sacrament Church (christian)
    West Sunset Boulevard
  • Blessing Mission Church (christian)
    Arminta Street
  • Bnai Israel Synagogue (jewish)
    Hillcrest Drive
  • Boyle Heights Church of the Nazarene (christian)
    South Breed Street
  • Bright Star Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West 91st Place
  • Bright Star Church of God in Christ (christian)
    Beach Street
  • Brightthrone Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West 98th Street
  • Bryant Temple AME Church (christian - african_methodist_episcopal)
    West Vernon Avenue, 2525 90008 Los Angeles
  • Buddhist Meditation Center (buddhist)
    Tupper Street
  • Builders of the Adytum
    North Figueroa Street, 5101 90042 Los Angeles
    Phone: 323-255-7141
  • Calvary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    South Saint Louis Street
  • Calvary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    8th Street
  • Calvary Baptist Tabernacle (christian - baptist)
    South Hoover Street
  • Calvary Church (christian)
    Marathon Street
  • Calvary Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Woodman Avenue
  • Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church (christian - methodist)
    South Cloverdale Avenue
  • Calvary Pentecostal Church of God (christian - pentecostal)
    West 6th Street
  • Calvary Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    West L Street
  • Calvary Temple Evangelical Center (christian)
    West 11th Street
  • Calvary Temple Pentecostal Church (christian - pentecostal)
    Vanowen Street
  • Canoga Park Church (christian)
    Chase Street, 20703 91306 Winnetka
    Phone: 818-341-6326
    Email: canoga_park@tjc.org
  • Canoga Park Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Valerio Street
  • Canoga Park Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Valerio Street
  • Canyon Harvest Open Bible Church (christian)
    Tujunga Canyon Boulevard
  • Carver Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West 51st Street
  • Cathedral Chapel (christian)
    South La Brea Avenue
  • Cathedral of Saint Mary (christian)
  • Catholic Church of Christ the King (christian - catholic)
    Arden Place
  • Catholic Church of Our Lady of Peace (christian - catholic)
    Nordhoff Street, 15444 91343 North Hills
  • Center Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Connecticut Street
  • Central Christian Church (christian)
    Vesper Avenue
  • Central Church of Christ (christian)
    West 12th Street
  • Central Church of Seventh Day Adventists (christian)
    West 21st Street, 650
  • Central Japanese-American Seventh Day Adventist Church (christian)
    Eagle Street