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Worship centers in Kern County, California

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  • Abundant Life Church (christian)
    White Lane
  • Advent Christian Church (christian)
    9th Avenue
  • Apostolic Assembly Church (christian)
    Shafter Avenue
  • Apostolic Assembly Church (christian)
    Mount Vernon Avenue
  • Apostolic Assembly Spanish Church (christian)
    Primrose Avenue
  • Apostolic Church (christian)
    11th Avenue
  • Apostolic Church (christian)
    High Street
  • Apostolic Church (christian)
    D Street
  • Apostolic Church (christian)
    Rosedale Highway
  • Apostolic Faith Church (christian)
    West C Street
  • Apostolic Faith Temple
    18th Street
  • Arvin Wesleyan Church (christian)
    Fallbrook Avenue
  • Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Oak Creek Road
  • Assembly of God Church (christian)
  • Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Asher Avenue
  • Assembly of God Church of Arvin (christian)
    Tucker Street
  • Assembly of God Church of Wasco (christian)
    6th Street
  • Baker Street Church of Christ (christian)
    Butte Street
  • Bakersfield Bible Church (christian)
    Altus Street
  • Bakersfield Christian Life Center (christian)
  • Bakersfield Church of Calvary (christian)
    Pamela Street
  • Bakersfield New Life Center
    Southgate Drive
  • Bakersfield Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ (christian)
    Hayes Street
  • Bakersfield Rescue Mission
    East 21st Street
  • Bethany Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Monna Avenue
  • Bethany United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Dolores Street
  • Bethel Chapel Filipino Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Belmont Street
  • Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Orchard Avenue
  • Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Ming Avenue
  • Bible Truth Outreach United Pentecostal Church (christian)
    Santa Barbara Street
  • Bible Truth Tabernacle
    State Avenue
  • Body of Christ Fellowship Church (christian)
    Texas Street
  • Bridge Bible Church (christian)
  • Bright Hope Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Bear Mountain Boulevard
  • Cain Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church (christian - methodist)
    R Street
  • Calloway Drive Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
  • Calvary Assembly of God Church (christian)
  • Calvary Christian Center (christian)
    Sunshine Avenue
  • Calvary Church of God in Christ (christian)
    C Street
  • Calvary Full Gospel Church (christian)
    Roberts Lane
  • Calvary Pentecostal Holiness of God Church (christian)
    Main Street
  • Calvary Temple Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Kern Street
  • Canyon Community Church (christian)
    Niles Street
  • Centered In Christ Church (christian)
    Mount Pinos Way
  • Central Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    South H Street
  • Central Church of Christ (christian)
    South H Street
  • Central Missionary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Poplar Avenue
  • Chapman Street Roman Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
    Chapman Street
  • Chester Avenue Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    El Rancho Drive
  • Christ the King Parish Hall
    Bedford Way
  • Christian Alliance Church (christian)
    Clinton Street
  • Christian Reformed Church (christian)
    White Lane
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    West D Street
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Monroe Street
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    7th Street
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    South 10th Street
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Gail Marie Drive
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    8th Avenue
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Minter Avenue
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Bernard Street
  • Church of Christ (christian)
  • Church of God (christian)
    Date Street
  • Church of the Brethren (christian)
    Buena Vista Street
  • Church of the Nazarene (christian)
  • Church of the Nazarene (christian)
    North Hill Street
  • Church of the Nazarene (christian - nazarene)
    West Lerdo Highway, 411 93263 Shafter
  • Church of the Redeemer and Hope (christian)
  • College Heights Congregational Church (christian)
  • Community Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    East 1st Street
  • Community Bible Fellowship Church (christian)
  • Community Chapel Pentecostal Church of God (christian - pentecostal)
    Taft Highway
  • Community Christian Fellowship Church (christian)
    North Street
  • Community Church of Life (christian)
    Calloway Frontage Road
  • Community of Christ (christian)
    Myer Road
  • Community of Christ (christian)
    San Lorenzo Avenue
  • Community United Church of Christ (christian)
    East F Street
  • Compassion Christian Center
    4th Street
  • Confucius Church (christian)
    N Street
  • Congregational Church of Shafter (christian)
    Sycamore Avenue
  • Cornerstone Community Church (christian)
  • Coronodo Gardens Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Planz Road
  • Country Bible Church (christian)
    District Boulevard
  • Covenant Community Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
  • Crossroads Community Church (christian)
    18th Avenue
  • Dayspring Christian Fellowship Church (christian)
    Terrace Way
  • Delano Baptist Temple (christian - baptist)
    Norwalk Street
  • Desert Christian Center (christian)
    North Norma Street
  • Desert Christian Center (christian)
    East Bataan Avenue, 100 93555 Ridgecrest
  • East Bakersfield Pentecostal Holiness Church (christian - pentecostal)
    Normandy Drive
  • East Hills Nazarene Church (christian)
    Webster Street
  • Ebenezer Reformed Church (christian)
    North Shafter Avenue
  • El Buen Pastor Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Nelson Street
  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Baker Street
  • Emmanuel Temple of Apostolic Faith (christian)
    Horne Street
  • Evangel Assembly of God Church (christian)
    South Real Road
  • Evening Light Saints Church of God (christian)
    Virginia Avenue
  • Fairfax Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Marion Drive
  • Faith Lighthouse (christian)
    Monterey Street
  • Faith Pentecostal Holiness Church (christian)
    Wharton Avenue
  • Faith Temple Church of God in Christ (christian)
    Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
  • Faith Temple Pentecostal Church of God (christian)
    Park Drive